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Designing and Templating

We communicate on designs, and make it our goal for you to achieve what you visually imagined.

Development Communication

We keep you updated on our development process and any potential things you may want along the way.

Timely Development

We value your time, which is why we strive to deliver in a timely manner.

Additional Support

Along with delivering on a product, we provide additional support including: necessary tweaks, or small design changes. Contact us directly for additional features after the development period.

About Us

We believe your ideas are what change the world. TapTwice was founded on this principle. By providing high quality services, along with great customer service, we believe together we can bring your ideas to life!

No matter what journey you choose to take with us, we are with you every step of the way from:

  • Ideas and blueprinting, including UI design and frameworking.
  • Development, including a constant line of communication on ideas.
  • Completion and deployment, where you have the tools necessary to go beyond.


No matter what service you choose, we take a four step approach to our development process which includes: Blueprinting/Design, Development and Communication, Final Tweaks, and Launch!

Website Development

We provide everything from landing pages, to full featured websites for you or your business.

Website Hosting and Deployment

We take care of everything from Hosting your site to setting up the Domain name.

iOS App Development (Apple)

We will bring your App idea to life, using a variety of frameworks and tools to get exactly what you want.

iOS App Store Upload/Review Support

We provide full support with successfull app deployment onto the App Store (Apple).

Build your Idea with us!

Simply contact us either through email or phone to start your journey with us!

Contact Us

Pricing details will be determined after project purpose and scope is discussed.


+1 678 502 6505